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ATTO can be found anywhere and everywhere. This mathematical term means a trillionth; but it is not to be neglected, as it is still an important part in constructing a whole entity. Nothing can be exclusively whole, everything is formed parts, and even smallest particles grow big upon closer inspection. KomsioDome is a wooden geodetic structure; it is a space, an architectural form. 

ATTO is performed in a variety of locations, with various combinations of multi-disciplinary artists; musician, juggler, acrobat, dancer. The performance is never the same twice, it is in constant evolution, opening doors and searching in new directions.


ATTO & Komsio, is a performance which originally launched 2012 as the concept was developped by Sakari Männistö, Timo Kinnunen, and Ilona Jäntti/ Emma Räisänen.


The performance is based around a Dome structure; climbing on top, climbing inside. The audience are placed both outside and inside the dome. The structure represents a space within a space.


ATTO = trio performance by Agit-Cirk

Premiere: Premiere in Finland june 2013 / Silence-festival
Company: Agit-Cirk
Director: Sakari Männistö, Timo Kinnunen and Emma Räisänen