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Tenho (Glamour, Glimmer) refers to memories and images of the old circus; sweat, dust, torsion, constant exertion and self-torture.

Light pure stage gives a conflicted background for two performers and a bunch of rough old tricks and odd stunts that are performed with bare skill and simple expression. The performance combines a great deal of deranged doing and thereby brings out the adequacy of just being.

“We only hear the clinks and squeaks of clasps and pulleys, and the increasingly heavy breathing of the performers… Above all the show contains the certain characteristic glamour of circus, that no contemporary dance or theatre can provide. That’s dangerous! Can they succeed?”
Tenka Issakainen, Lapin Kansa 10.6.2011

Premiere: 8.6.2011 Kittilä
Director: Sakari Männistö
Performers: Jenni Lehtinen, Sasu Peistola
Lighting design: Ainu Palmu
Production: Agit-CirK
Video trailer: Trailer