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Three men and their individual stories of shame carry the production from the start to the end.

The fear of failure and the sense of inferiority are hanging in the air naturally intertwining with the shame inherited, carrying one’s own parents’ mistakes made. Poetry,juggling and knife throwing add flavour to the stories in Shame - cabaret.

“The performance is funny and awful, it’s sickening, and at the same time amusing”. -Helsingin Sanomat, Jussi Tossavainen


Creative team

Design and performance: Sakari Männistö, Miika Nuutinen ja Mika Mäkinen

Poems: Miika Nuutinen

Lighting design: Marianne Nyberg and Mika Mäkinen

Graphics: Ossi Hiekkala

Producers: Agit-Cirk, together with Cirko - Center for new circus and Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki

Sponsors: Arts Council of Finland and Finnish cultural foundation

In co-operation: Sirkus Supiainen

Dur. 50min

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