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is a contemporary circus performance where four artists use dance and circus shamelessly as their playground. This show is about skill, absurd humor and exploring different roles in the absence of a narrative frame.

To find the way to tell a story with motion the performers have created group scenes and silent dialogues where hypnotic movement is taking turns with highly intensive atmosphere. Their movement is alternating between poetically beautiful and tragically dark where they toss themselves roughly against each other until they blend together. To find the exquisite style of their own, as an inspiration they have been breaking the roles of the traditional partnering and pair acrobatic technique.


Their unique movement articulate about little stories with allusion of equality and gender. With this show we want to shake off the preconceptions, turn constructions upside down and make an unforgettable experience for ourselves and the audience.

The performers play their roles eccentric and stylish but still respecting their own authentic way of moving.


Creative team

Circus artist: Jenni Lehtinen

Dancer: Riia Kivimäki

Circus artist: Sasu Peistola

Circus artist/dancer: Saku Mäkelä

Sound designer: Joonas Outakoski

Light designer: June Horton-White

Outside eye: Petri Tuominen

Production: Agit-Cirk

Concept, creation and direction: Jenni Lehtinen, Riia Kivimäki, Sasu Peistola, Saku Mäkelä

Performing team

Acrobat: Jenni Lehtinen

Dancer: Riia Kivimäki

Acrobat: Sasu Peistola

Acrobat: Saku Mäkelä

Acrobat: Katerina Repponen

Acrobat: Pasi Nousiainen

There are four people on stage.

Duration: 60mins

In Co-operation: Cirko-center for new circus

Supporters: Jenny and Antti Wihurin foundation, Circus Helsinki, Lehtimäen nuorisoseura.

Thank you: Johanna Lehtinen, Olga Mäkelä, Jouni Ihalainen, Miikkael Kukkula, Esko, colleagues

at the rehearsals.

Recommended for:

Adult audiences and children over ten years.

Middle scale theaters from 150-500 seats

Technical info:

Stage size, width 10m, depth 8m, hight 5m

One 9 meter truss line in the back of the stage needed for 500kg aerial rigging.

No cargo.

6 persons on tour.

Premiere: 2019

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