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Tenho Outdoor

Contemporary circus performance Tenho refers to memories and images of the old circus; bunch of rough old tricks and odd stunts are performed with bare skill and simple


The performance combines pair acrobatics, raw strongman tricks, Chinese chair balancing and a great deal of eccentric action. It is full of surprises and there is something to wonder about for the whole family.

Creative team

Premiere: 2014 

Concept and performers: Jenni Lehtinen and Sasu Peistola

Director: Sakari Männistö

Sound design: Sakari Männistö

Music: Moondog

Production: Agit-Cirk

Coproduction: Cirko - Center for New Circus

Duration can vary from 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the

request. The performance is suitable for all ages.

Duration 20 to 30 mins, depending on the request.

Set up takes approximately 3 hours the same day. Take down takes approximately one hour.


Width 9m

Depth 8m

Preferred height 7m, without trees, branches etc.

Flat gravel or grass is a preferred surface. In case of asphalt or

concrete, the company needs to be informed.

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