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In Väkevä Sasu Peistola made the legends of circus live once more through his stories of circus history. You have to see it to believe it! The iron jaw makes spectacular gut wrenching stunts from the past with his muscles and teeth!

An intimate circle of audience will shape a living manège for the performer who is introducing the history of the circus stunts he will show a living example. The spectator will not be a bystander but has a chance to take part and have an active role of an old circus strongman ritual where humor is not forgotten.


Sasu Peistola is the strongman and iron jaw in Väkevä. Strength, skill and presence are the essence of this truly memorable one-man show.

Creative team

Performer and concept: Sasu Peistola

Directed: Sasu Peistola and Sakari Männistö

Dramaturgy: Sakari Männistö

Texts: Sasu Peistola

English translation: Sakari Männistö

Costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski

Set assistance: Kaisa Kemikoski

Production: Agit-Cirk

Teaser and trailer: Jori Reunanen

Photos: Ari Kauppila

Duration: 30 mins

Suitable for all ages up from 5 years

Outdoor show can be performed in doors as well.


”This is inspiring, stirring and

brave physical theatre at its best."

”…robust and charismatic storyteller..."

”a brief and witty introduction to being a strongman with a sickening section in the


”…grabbing the kettlebell to enact an emotive, muscular dance in the hushed space.”

“This stonking circus act from Finland might be one of the best things at Brighton

Fringe this year"

Brighton Source 2018


Väkevä performance is utilizing a wooden space called KomsioDome. One performer on stage and the intimacy of the dome which has seats for 35 people will make the experience exceptional for the audience and the



Set up takes approx. five hours the same day. The break down takes approx. two hours. There has to be access to the venue 5 hours before and 2½ hours after the show with a car. If this is not possible the subscriber should provide a trolley. 


The show is self sufficient.

We need from the subscriber:

- Electricity, normal socket

- Small portable air conditioner summer months outside

- Ladders up to 3 meters

- Four stools with out back support and one small table minimum width 50cm

- One person familiar with the venue to help with the set up, break down

and performances.



There are two (2) people on tour.

Minimum space needed, width 8,5m, depth 8,5m, hight 5,5m

Supporters: Alfred Kordelin foundation, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Cirkocenter

for new circus, Berlin Circus Festival, Kanneltalo, Kärjenkosken


Thank you:

Indictus studio, Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth, Sirkus Unioni

Jenni Lehtinen, Raija Lehtinen, Seija Peistola, Lauri Tuhkanen, Jori



The premiere: 2018

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